stella is a training program that helps educators develop an active learning skill set

What will you get from Stella?

Active Learning is a mindset to understand education.


Through specific techniques, the learner is empowered to take the main responsibility of the learning, while the teacher acts as a guide


As it has been proved, motivation is boosted and dormant skills are activated in students

Some examples


Learners participate in the presentation of a subject's content by building the narrative of it.

role play

Learners are assigned a character and challenges. They must find how their historic character would overcome these challenges.


The learners thus represent the syllabus to be studied, with the teacher guiding them with clues 


Educators are able to present a set of contents in a natural and easy way by using the communication resources used for Marketing


The total physical response techniques commonly used to SLA, are also used for the rest of the curricular subjects.



Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Online Teacher

How Stella is applied to  online classes?

Interactive learning is native to online processes.


Relying on online tools, Stella equips educators and teams with:

  1. the necessary curriculum design,

  2. methodologies

  3. and specific activities


to ensure motivation on students.

They already apply Stella

Shelton Academy Formation Department (Miami, USA)

Saxum YPS (Jerusalem, Israel)

The Mark (Madrid, Spain)

What are the next steps?

We create a road-map that works for your institution and we go with you all the way


We analyse the needs, and the strengths of your organization, to optimize the learning process of the team.


We tailor-make a learning process that prepares your faculty for the new Learning Context


We go with you all the way: co-creating contents, adjusting methodologies, solving issues, and facing all kind of challenges.

what is included?

The stella program is available in 2 versions. 

  • Design of a learning process for the faculty: lean, easy, and effective. A tailor-made curriculum.

  • Workshops that boost your institution's creativity and innovation skills. 

  • Guided sessions to transform your content into an Active Learning curriculum.

Lean, Easy, Effective

  • The advanced stella program includes all the features of the basic version.

  • In addition, it includes a complete auditing of the learning eco-system of the institution.

  • It adds also an Individualized support system.

  • Long-term follow up.

Complete, Deep

are you ready to elevate your institution?

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