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Gigas creates responsible world changers
Soft Skills and learners' passions are connected through Project Management

Why Soft Skills?

Labor market is requesting more and more Soft Skills: 


These human skills will make the difference in a technical world 

How do participants learn Soft Skills?

Teams design and execute a real impact social project throughout the year


Workshops and round-tables around human abilities and classics are offered monthly to be applied on these yearly projects

Added outcomes

Family on a Walk

We can reach this far because we are like dwarfs standing over Giants' shoulders

- John of Salisbury, 1158.

Academic Excellence

Ease of speaking in front of groups

Awareness of dormant Career Interests and skills

Project Management skills



Online Teacher

How do you apply Gigas to  online classes?

Interactive learning is native to online processes.


Relying on online tools, Gigas equips teams with:

  1. the necessary sessions,

  2. activities

  3. and tools


to successfully plan and manage a social project online.

They already apply Gigas

Saxum YPS (Jerusalem, Israel)

The Mark (Madrid, Spain)

The Grade (New York, USA)

What are the next steps?

We create a road-map that works for your institution and we go with you all the way


The first step is to analyze the group: understand the context, the challenges and the opportunities


The second step is  to design and present a unique learning experience in the context of that group.


And now we're ready to go! We can start the tailor-made social impact project, including facilitators, coaching sessions and everything needed to elevate the students to the next level.

what is included?

The stella program is available in 2 versions. 

  • Design of a learning process for the faculty: lean, easy, and effective. A tailor-made curriculum.

  • Workshops that boost your institution's creativity and innovation skills. 

  • Guided sessions to transform your content into an Active Learning curriculum.

Lean, Easy, Effective

  • The advanced stella program includes all the features of the basic version.

  • In addition, it includes a complete auditing of the learning eco-system of the institution.

  • It adds also an Individualized support system.

  • Long-term follow up.

Complete, Deep

are you ready to elevate your institution?

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