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Innovative Training Solutions

What we do

What We do

Consulting on
Innovative Education

Promote a culture of active learning in your team or faculty and take your educational institution to the next level.

We analyze and propose an improvement plan without compromise. We are all learners!


Designing  and Implementing

Training Programs

Together with our partners, we design and execute a human-centered learning process.


Skills, knowledge, and motivation: three aspects that define the quality of a training program or a learning curriculum.


Humanistic and Impactful

Experiences & Content

The classics have survived generation after generation, thanks to the fact that they define the essence of human culture, regardless of place or time.


Looking back at them is essential to acquire the human skills that will differentiate us in the digital age.

Our Training Programs

Narratrix offers solutions for facilitators, educational institutions, and education professionals.

Global Projects

Narratrix operates around the world, with active projects in Jerusalem, Miami (USA), Madrid (Spain), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

In the digital age, it is easy to find answers,
but who can ask the right questions?

Meet Our Teem


Joseángel Domínguez
CEO & Co-founder

  • LinkedIn

As a child, my dream was to sail the seas and live with my crew countless adventures discovering the world… I keep the essential elements from that dream: the passion for learning about other cultures and languages, teamwork, and the thirst for new adventures.


Patricia Macía
Chair & Co-founder

  • LinkedIn

In a world of constant change, I believe that critical thinking, an entrepreneurial mindset of proposing solutions, and knowing how to land projects is the best training that we can transmit to our young people.

Some of our
regular collaborators


Neus Portas
Learnability &
Growth Mindset

  • LinkedIn

Jesús Hijas
Creativity &

  • LinkedIn

Manuel Morey
Communication &
Human Interactions

  • LinkedIn

Adriana Caballer
Humanities &
Classical Languages

  • LinkedIn

Mariluz García
& Design Thinking

  • LinkedIn
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Phone on Desk


Emprendimiento creativo evento sevilla.png

Emprendimiento Creativo en Tiempos de Inteligencia Artificial

Fecha: 10 Febrero 2024 | 7.00 pm

Precio: 15 €

Lugar: Fund. Valentín de Madariaga

            Paseo de la Delicias, 7. Sevilla.

La creatividad es una habilidad humana esencial en el emprendimiento, por cuenta propia o por cuenta ajena (intra-emprendimiento).

En el contexto de la nueva ola tecnológica, desarrollar modelos de crecimiento personal y de negocios está en nuestras manos.

10-Feb. Sevilla

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