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instructio narratrix magistraque vitae

Formation is a Storyteller and a Teacher of Life

We are all lifelong learners. Proud believers in active learning and critical thinking based in deep culture contents. A team with  international experience in different fields of training, humanism and entrepreneurship.

Together, with our partners and clients, we analize, design and execute the next chapter of your institutional growth.

In the digital age it's easy to find answers,
but who is capable of asking the right questions?

our focus


Innovation in Education

Promote an active education culture in your team or faculty and take your educational institution to the next level. We are all learners!


Training Design & Implementation

Design and execute a person-centered learning process with Narratrix.


Skills, knowledge and motivation: three aspects that define the quality of a training program or a teaching curriculum.


Deep Cultural Content

The classics have survived generation after generation, defining the essence of human culture, regardless of place or time. Looking back at them is essential to acquire the human skills that will differentiate us in the digital age.


world wide projects

Narratrix is operating all around the world, with ongoing projects in Miami (FL, United States), Madrid (Spain), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and Abu Ghosh (Israel).

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